Complete Divorce

We prepare ALL Divorce Document Forms and Filings, including; Modifications, Child Support, Financials, Parent Plans answers to Petitions, all the documents you need to file your case. We also prepare additional Bar approved forms for Alimony, Emancipation, Foreign Filings, Court Filings and Sheriff Services. We offer Private Process Service. 

Bankruptcy Chapter Seven (7)

We prepare all Federal Approved forms and direct to Abacus Counseling for a Chapter 7. We take this very complicated process serious as it takes a minimal of 8 to 10 hours of complicated paperwork to help  you get a fresh start in your financial future. 

Q Deed for Real Estate

Quiet Deed, re-drafting deed transfers, removal of or adding names to Real Property and the newly accepted LADYBIRD DEED or Enhanced  Life Estate Deed's.


Emancipation of relief from Child Support Obligation

When a child has reached 18, is either married, no longer living at home, not attending a formal education Institution or has died, this document provides relief of Child Support .


Final Estate Planning

Last Will and Testaments, Health Care Surrogacy, Power of Attorney for Health and Financial,  Living Wills. 

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